The mission of the Institute for Dementia Research and Prevention (IDRP) is to improve the quality of life for individuals in Louisiana by generating  world class research programs focused on dementia prevention, providing local access to the latest clinical trials for the treatment of dementia, and providing educational opportunities for individuals/families affected by dementia. Message from our Director >

Recognized as an Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) Site since September 2014. To find out more information, schedule a visit, or request an IDRP representative at your event:
Phone: (225) 763-2973 or 1-877-276-8306    |   Fax: (225) 763-3293    |    Email: dementia@pbrc.edu
Our Research
The IDRP brings together multiple scientific disciplines within the clinical research arena in order to find novel ways of preventing, detecting, and managing dementia in the elderly.  Our longitudinal studies provide a platform for the collection of data which identify the most important risk factors for the development of dementia, elucidate novel targets for the design of new therapeutic interventions, and develop new test for more effective detection and monitoring the earliest stages of dementia.
Participate in a Clinical Trial

The IDRP is committed to providing local access to the latest in clinical trials developed for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  Our clinical trials include both pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological approaches for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and the management of  complications associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Information & Useful Links

The IDRP routinely conducts public forums and conferences on the topic of dementia with panelists that include world leaders in dementia research. Recordings of these events are available on our website along with useful links to websites providing information on respite, research, and advocacy information focused on dementia.

Support the IDRP
In addition to participating in one of our different research opportunities, or enrolling in a clinical trial, there are multiple ways to support the IDRP. If you are interested in helping others learn more about the IDRP, hosting an IDRP presentation, visiting the IDRP, or information on philanthropic support please contact us at (225) 763-2973 or email dementia@pbrc.edu.